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We’re pretty ecstatic over here at The Music Zoo for the new 2014 Kramer line-up of guitars. Featuring the classic Kramer designs of old, with a few added touches, the “Assault Plus” and “NiteV” present Kramer’s newest designs with some added flare as well. You can rest assured that we will be stocking up on these great guitars very soon, all ready for you shred-heads to tear em’ up! The new Assault Plus boasts some new colors; now becoming available in Fluorescent Green and Candy Tangerine. In addition, if you’re feeling a bit old-school, the Pacer Vintage brings an original Kramer design with a wild assortment of new looks for 2014; including their new Orange Burst Tiger Graphic. The new line-up doesn’t stop there, however, Kramer is also bringing the 84, Baretta Vintage, NiteV, S211C, and SM-1; creating a plethora of platforms to satisfy every player. If you want to be the first to get your hands on them, contact our sales team to pre-order any of these guitars and get information about arrival times.  Also, be sure to check out our selection of cool Kramer Electric Guitars right here!

84 Spec Sheet

Assault Plus

Baretta Vintage


Pacer Vintage



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