Kramer Guitars and Steel Panther’s Satchel have teamed up to present to you the Ltd. Satchel Pacer Vintage.

Satchel is the guitarist for the highly entertaining Hair Metal band Steel Panther. Born on the Sunset Strip they debuted their first album in 2009. Now, with 3 albums and a tour schedule that never seems to end their over the top stage antics and brilliant musicianship has made them one of “the bands to see” worldwide.

Kramer worked closely with Satchel to bring you a production guitar that could compete with his arsenal of custom and vintage Kramer Pacers. Kramer took the Pacer Vintage neck and changed the fingerboard radius to a comfy 9.5″ radius and a smooth oil finished neck that will just feel better and better the more it’s played. The controls have been stripped down to a simple volume control with a 3-way mini-toggle switch to select the Seymour Duncan SH-4 and SH-2n pickups which are mounted in a Maple body. It is a true and simple shred machine. It is available in either yellow or purple Leopard print.


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