Suhr Modern Antique
The Music Zoo is proud to be a Suhr guitars dealers - and we are especially into these limited edition Modern Antique electrics! Everyone can agree that "mojo" is a real thing - there's just something special about an old guitar, from the dried out and worn woods, to the natural wear that comes from a loved and played instrument. The Suhr Modern Antique collection preserves the spirit of these instruments, while ensuring Suhr's impressive craftsmanship and attention to detail are front and center.
The Modern Antique electric guitars boast nitro lacquer with a proprietary antiquing or relicing process to give each a unique look. The Modern Antiques also boasts roasted maple necks with a satin finish for an equally aged appearance and feel.These guitars are no longer available on order from Suhr, but we have 2 in stock! A classy Olympic White example and a warm and vibey Vintage Yellow
Want to grab one of these? Contact our sales team today before they are gone! Or check out all of our Suhr guitars here!
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Suhr Modern Antique 1
Suhr Modern Antique 2

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