Man plays guitar during brain tumor

In a recent story reported by CNN News, a Brazilian man was filmed playing guitar and singing during a brain surgery to remove a tumor. Anthony Kullkamp Dias, 33, sang a total of six songs during the procedure,  according to the Hospital Nossa Senhora da Conceicao. Dias told reporters he didn’t feel any pain during the surgery. Dr. Jean Abreu Machado, the anesthesiologist and clinical director at the hospital, attributes the lack of pain to the absence of pain sensors in brain tissue. However, the skin and surrounding tissue of the brain do, posing a great challenge to doctors who must “keep the patient awake and pain-free.” The doctors successfully removed 90% of the tumor during the procedure.

Having found out about his brain tumor a few days before his son was born, Dias was said to have come up with the idea to play the guitar and sing during the surgery one day before going into the operating room. Watch the miraculous video below!

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