Fredrick Thordendal Studio

Fredrick Thordendal, the mastermind behind Meshuggah - the original "djent" band, had a vision to create his own recording studio, in which he would produce his long-awaited solo album. 

Klotz Ais, who has been beautifully "cabling" the studio, recently released several images of the studio - and it's shaping up to be an amp nirvana! 

We're spying a ton of legit tube amps, paired together with several Ampete 88S amp switchers! The Music Zoo is proud to stock Ampete gear - they are some of the best amp switchers on the market!

Check out that studio spread above! (Click picture for higher-res)

You can grab your own Ampete switcher! Head to our website and make one yours!

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Fredrick Thordendal Studio 1

Fredrick Thordendal Studio 2


Photos courtesy of Klotz Ais


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