Zachary Vex, the man behind the ultra-cool Z. Vex line of boutique pedals, gave us a personal tour of his newest pedal – the Inventobox.  This is the ultimate tool for diehard tone geeks, a completely modular, open-source version of the famed Z. Vex tone circuits, allowing infinite customization and re-invention of the infamous squealing tones of the Fuzz Factory and other Z. Vex hallmarks.  Look after the jump for more pics and info.

The double-wide Inventobox has 16 knobs that can be assigned to any number of duties, based on what’s under the hood.  And what’s under the hood is up to you; for the full $399, you can get an Inventobox with 3 modules already installed, encompassing the Fuzz Factory, Super Hard On, and a Marshall-style tone stack.  A unit without the 3 pre-installed modules will be $299, encouraging the geeks to get busy designing their own sounds from the get-go.  The second half of the box flips up and locks onto the front box to allow for tinkering with the modules:

Eventually Zach said he wants to publish all the tone circuits of his pedals on the internet, and create a community of Inventobox programmers who could even potentially get their tone circuits “published” as purchasable modules directly from Z. Vex.  Pretty cool stuff.  The pedal even has a built-in work light inside!

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about Z.Vex pedals.

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