This November, the Music Zoo’s staff member Jordan Usatch will hit the road with his band Husbandry for a USA tour opening for Long Islands own Moon Tooth. Celebrating the last leg of their album cycle for their debut record ‘Chromaparagon’, Moon Tooth will be playing out a longer than usual set featuring deep cuts and songs that haven’t seen much stage time. Husbandry will be playing songs from their own record, 2016s ‘Fera’ along with new songs off of a new EP that’s going to be released via Aqualamb Records at the end of November.

Along with their music, the two modern gear-centric bands will be bringing along tons of modern instruments and pedals from brands that The Music Zoo is a proud dealer of. Nick Lee of Moon Tooth is an endorsed Vigier artist, as is Vincent Romanelli for Spector basses. Jordan plays a Dunable Yeti (bought right from The Music Zoo of course!) and both Nick and Jordan rely on the Fuzzrocious Demon to turn the gain up on their amps. Check out what we’ve got in stock from all of these fantastic brands, and be sure to check out the show if it hits your city. Tour dates are listed below!

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