NAMM 2017 We love Victory Amplification. Many of their amps are small models that can fit into an overhead bin of an airplane and have more punch and tone than some of their full-sized contemporaries. Now for NAMM 2017 they have  introduced two new models to the fleet. Take a look below!

First up is the V40 Deluxe, evolved from the award-winning Compact Series V40 The Dutchess head. The V40 Deluxe is a 2 x 6L6 powered tube amp that can cover ground from glassy American cleans all the way through ‘60s British drive – all within one channel! The amp has high and low powered modes (42 / 7 watts switchable), a hard-bypassable series effects loop, and footswitchable tube-driven tremolo and reverb!  The chassis has controls for level and tone of the reverb to dial it even further.

The V40 Deluxe is part of the Heritage Series and comes in two formats: a 1 x 12 widebody combo (598 x 453 x 250mm) with Celestion G12H-75 Creamback speaker, and also a head in a traditional wooden sleeve the same size as the V130 Super Countess and Sheriff 44 (480 x 235 x 235mm).

V40 Dlx panel

Next up is the V130 The Super Countess! The V130 came from the excellent V30 – one of The Music Zoo’s favorite amps in recent years, and sold as Guthrie Govans choice of ‘flying amp.’ The V130 is scaled up with a powerhouse 100 watt 6L6 power section and four footswitchable modes (two modes per channel).

The Clean channel has Clean & Crunch modes, the latter of which the original V30 didn’t have – allowing you to dial in some real dirty British classic rhythm tones. The Overdrive channel has two voice settings; Voice II is the classic V30 OD sound, while Voice I is new and offers tighter bottom end and slightly lower gain. V130 The Super Countess also has an effects loop. It’s a phenomenally versatile, powerful workhorse that’s super simple to use: mighty tones for any style.

V130 The Super Countess is part of the Victory Heritage Series. The head measures 480 x 235 x 235mm, the same size as the Sheriff 44 and V40 Deluxe heads.

Interested in what you see from Victory? Contact us to pre-order at 516-626-9292 //

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