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NAMM 2017 This was one of the last things we caught at NAMM 2017, but easily one of the coolest and most exciting pieces of gear technology we caught the entire show. Honestly, we can’t wait to get our hands on these. These units are actual pre-amps from well known amplifiers that can be used in the effects loop of your amp to bypass the pre-amp section and use the modular preamps. Want to put a Soldano SLO distortion channel into your Fender cleans platform amp? Done and done. Another device pictured is a DI box that puts out a line level signal for direct recording. There is a rack mount two channel unit and power amp for driving a cabinet in studio. They are also selling heads with the power amps built in, in a 30 watt one or 50 watt two channel format, so you can swap out for which ever pre-amp you would like.

They are working with a number of manufacturers within Boutique Amps and outside. they currently have Friedman, Soldano, Morgan, and Metropoulis modules. More information will be coming out on these devices soon, so stay tuned!  Hit us up qith any questions today: 516-626-9292 //

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