claas guitars javier reyes
NAMM 2018 Builders from around the world travel to the Winter NAMM show every year, and we found something quite unique this year: Claas guitars and basses built by Alexander Claas in Germany. The models are the Leviathan and the Moby Dick, and both are a unique shape with a very ergonomic feel and 10-bolt neck system with all exotic woods, boutique pickups, and a headless design. The guitar above is actually owned by Javier Reyes of Animals as Leaders.
For more information on how to get your hands on a Claas, contact us at 516-626-9292 //
claas guitars swirl
claas guitars fretboard inlay
claas guitars leviathan
claas guitars leviathan neck
claas guitars semi-hollowbody
claas bass
claas guitars neck

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