D'Angelico Solid Body

Winter NAMM 2018 Coverage: D'Angelico has surprised us all with the introduction of their new solid-body models - the Bedford, Ludlow and Atlantic! The Music Zoo will be checking these out for sure!

This trio of solid-bodies represents the first time in D'Angelico's 85 year history that they will truly enter into the solid body world. These guitars were designed in NYC, geared toward those seeking feedback resistance, thickness, sustain, and versatility! They will be offered in both the Premiere and Deluxe Series, to ensure accessibility for all musicians, starting at only $699!

Keep reading for more info on these models, check out our website for all things D'Angelico, or contact our sales team today for more info or to pre-order one of these!


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The first model designed for the trio, this funky offset is sure to please indie rockers! With it's Seymour Duncan humbucker-single pickup configuration, it can provide some attitude in the bridge position, spank in the neck position, and plenty of in between tones as well!

D'Angelico Bedford


The most unique guitar of the bunch, this offset also has a familiar appearance that makes one feel at home. The pair of Seymour Duncan humbuckers provide endless warmth and depth!

D'Angelico Ludlow


The collection wouldn't be complete without a singlecut! This Atlantic matches the character of it's siblings, with classic curves and vibes. This one is also loaded with a pair of Duncan buckers.

D'Angelico Atlantic

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