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Winter NAMM 2018 Coverage: Ibanez is heading into 2018 with a plethora of great new products, available at The Music Zoo! With the new AZ series the new Genesis Collection models, new Iron Label, Prestige, Premium, and Standard models, and new Artcore offerings, things are shaping up nicely for 2018. (check out this blog for the run-down on the AZ series!)

Head to the Ibanez website for a full run-down of their new offerings! If you see something you need to have , contact our sales team for info on availability! Check out all of our ibanez electric guitars here!

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Genesis Collection

Ibanez has released several new RG models under the Genesis Collection - a series designed to be akin to the early days of the RG, first introduced in 1987. These new RG550 and RG570 shredders boast a timeless appearance and feature an original Edge tremolo, Ibanez "V" and "S" series pickups, Super Wizard necks, and a wealth of finish options.

Ibanez Genesis Collection RG550

Ibanez Genesis Collection RG550

Ibanez Genesis Collection RG550

Ibanez Genesis Collection RG570

Ibanez Genesis Collection RG570


New Artcore Models:

Ibanez has created several new handsome Artcore, Artcore Expressionist, and Artstar models, with new finish colors and figured tops, and new left-handed models! These semi-hollows and hollow bodies can tackle any style of music, and do it with class!

Ibanez Artcore

Ibanez Artcore 1

IBanez Artcore 2

IBanez Artcore 3

Ibanez Artcore 4


New Iron Label RG, RGA, and RGD models

The "made for metal" Iron label Ibanez series has been refreshed with several seismic model additions that provide the ultimate look, tone, and feel for the modern metal player!

Ibanez Iron Label RG

Ibanez Iron Label RG 1Ibanez Iron Label RG 2

The Best of the Rest!

Other exciting new offerings soon to be arriving at the Music Zoo include:

This Exotic Wood RG:

Ibanez RG Exotic

And a 7 String S Premium

Ibanez S Premium

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