Vox MVX150

Winter NAMM 2018 Coverage: Vox has developed new NuTube equipped amps for 2018 - including the MV50 Boutique & MV50 High Gain, and the MVX150 Head, Combo, and matching cabinet!

Keep scrolling to read more about these new arrivals - they are on their way to The Music Zoo! You can pre-order today - shop Vox on our website, or contact our sales team for more info!

The Vox NuTube technology has been a huge success - they've managed to capture the feel and tone of everyone's favorite tube technology inside an analog, modern, maintenance free package. And yes, it's still even technically a vacuum tube!

New MV50 Amps

The new MV50 Boutique and MV50 High Gain mini amps live up to their name. The MV50 Boutique is based on everyone's favorite "D" style amp, and the MV50 High Gain is optimized for those of you who think single coil pickups and clean Fender amps are for wimps.

MV50 High Gain

MV50 Boutique

New MVX150

Another impressive new NuTube equipped offering is the MVX150, offered as a 150 watt head, a 1x12 combo loaded with a Celestion Redback, or a 1x12 cabinet loaded with the same speaker. These higher powered amps are built to replace your stage tube rig, utilizing NuTube in the power amp (NuPower) as well, for ultimate tube tone without the hassle. These 2 channel amps provide a wide range of sounds from clean to mean!

MVX150 Combo

MVX150 Head

BC112 150

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