Seymour Duncan Silver Lake

Winter NAMM 2018 Coverage: New for 2018, Seymour Duncan has announced the Silver Lake Reverb, and the La Super Rica Fuzz available at The Music Zoo!

Silver Lake Reverb:

The Seymour Duncan Silver Lake Reverb is a powerful and fully programmable machine which combines cutting edge algorithms, powerful tone shaping, and impressive dynamic control. It gives you everything from a subtle air to a "kneel down at your pedalboard at the end of your set" infinite delay! The Silver Lake boasts 8 different reverb algorithms and great modern MIDI functionality. too.

Algorithms: Room, Hall, Plate, Spring, Shimmer, Gated, Swell, DelayVerb

Seymour Duncan Silver Lake 1

La Super Rica Fuzz:

The new La Super Rica Fuzz from Seymour Duncan is a classic silicon based fuzz with a ton of versatility, including a para-metrically EQ'd midrange which ensures you'll never be lost in the mix no matter how much fuzz you dial in. You also get a 3 position voicing switch for controlling the amount of low end. And not to mention the cool paint job! This USA made, low noise, true bypass pedal is sure to find a home on your board.

Seymour Duncan La Super Rica Fuzz:

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