Taylor V Class Bracing

Winter NAMM 2018 Coverage: Taylor Guitars is innovating once again - this time with a new acoustic guitar bracing system - "V-Class" bracing! The Music Zoo is proud to be one of the biggest independent Taylor dealers in the world and we're exciting for this new offering. George Gruhn himself even called it a "genuine innovation".

X-braced acoustic guitars have been the norm for nearly a century. But Taylor's head luthier Andy Powers has always been bothered by the catch-22 of X-braced guitars, mainly the inability for this bracing pattern to provide both sustain AND volume, as sustain requires rigidity, and volume requires flexibility. Andy has already tweaked the X-bracing pattern to it's fullest extent, but he was still left wanting more.

Inspired by a pair of waves he saw crashing against a jetty one surf-filled morning, Andy came up with the idea for "V-Class", a system that can truly blend stiffness and musical vibration. The V Class bracing creates a rigid and strong center for the top, while the minimally braced sides are able to vibrate in tune with the player. As an added bonus, V-Class bracing even improves intonation, as the movement of the top is more orderly, and creates stronger fundamental frequencies and fewer odd harmonics.

Taylor's V-Class bracing will first appear on the PS14ce, K24ce, 914ce, and K14ce Builders Edition, but likely will continue to expand into their entire lineup!

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Taylor V-Class Bracing

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