Chase Bliss blooper preamp mkii namm 2020

Chase Bliss debuts new looper pedal and super-versatile overdrive with motorized sliders!

Chase Bliss has always been at the cutting edge of pedal technology and features, and they're upholiding that reputation pretty well! NAMM 2020 brought out their new looper pedal, the "Blooper", and the "Automatone Preamp MKII", featuring motorized sliders! Check out the video below to learn more and hear each of these pedals in action!

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Chase Bliss Blooper Looper Pedal

The Chase Bliss Blooper looper offers loop saving, eight layers of undo and redo, and external syncing. On the creative end, there are two channels of modifiers, a lo-fi Stability control, and three looping modes. blooper’s heart is Additive mode, which allows you to record sound modifiers directly into the loop like any other overdub.

Chase Bliss Automatone Preamp MKII

The Chase Bliss Automatone has variable diode clipping control (transistor only, silicon, and asymmetrical germanium), fuzz you can swap from open to gated, three mids resonance settings with variable routing you can place before or after the preamp, and three banks of ten presets each that give you thirty presets to set at your leisure. But what’s an "Automatone", you ask? It’s a pedal built with motorized faders that adjust automatically – and a little magically – as you cycle through presets.

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