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We’re super excited to announce that we are now Dean Gordon guitar dealers! These unique instruments not only turn heads, but get the job done in superb sonic fashion. A seamless blend of form and function, Dean Gordon utilizes aluminum and a number of different tonewoods to create a super-comfortable and ergonomic guitar. Two models (featured in the image above) are now available at The Zoo; The Mirus and Virtus. Constructed in Astoria, New York, we’re happy to keep the brand local to our hometown. Have a look at what these models are all about below along with a few cool videos!

The Mirus: Latin for amazing, was inspired by the B2 Spirit stealth bomber used in the US Air Force. Known for its grace in the sky and ultra sleek design, I wanted to incorporate those traits into the Mirus model. Mirus has deep set in neck pocket that makes the guitar more ergonomic and comfortable. Its six bolt-on neck allows for long sustain in each note and a stable neck to stay in tune.

The Virtus: Latin for excellence, is the product of elegance from simple brainstorming. I wanted to create a more aggressive guitar with flawless access and perfect balance. After many sketches, I finalized on the current Virtus as the perfect first step into this guitar. A deep set in neck pocket and a double cutaway design gives way to guitar that plays like no other.

These are available in-store now! Call or email us at 516-626-9292 //

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