Here’s a guitar lot you don’t see everyday…a set of three Gibson Montana J-160E guitars (set 10 of 47) built to replicate the guitars that Lennon favored and modified throughout his career. Among them…the Fab Four, Magical Mystery, and Bed-In guitar. The Fab Four is a flawless replica of the classic J-160E delivered by jet to Lennon at Rushworth’s Music in September 1962. Original ladder bracing, adjustable bridge, knob and jack positioning, fret size and neck shape, and early ’60s rosette are all as they were when Lennon first picked up his new Gibson. The Magical Mystery Tour model shares all of the same technical specs with the Fab Four, but but with a carefully hand-painted psychadelic design just as the Dutch artists did during the wild Summer of Love in 1967. Lastly, the Bed-In model features Lennon’s caricature drawings reproduced by Ren Ferguson. All three of these guitars sport the original serial number “64309”. Even the cases were built to replicate Lennon’s originals! All three guitars also come with certificates of authenticity and original information booklets. Get a closer look at these rare reproduction model Gibson Acoustics below! Click the link to view them on our site!

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Magical Mystery Tour model



Bed-In model



Fab Four model


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