The Music Zoo is now a proud dealer of Willcox instruments! Willcox guitars and basses don’t use traditional magnetic pickups, rather optical pickups that use infrared light rather than the traditional magnets and coils to sense string vibration, allowing the strings to vibrate naturally while producing clear, articulate, studio-quality sound with a sought after blend of rich tone, extended harmonic content, powerful sound, and long, natural sustain. Available at The Music Zoo are both the VL & SL basses, and Atlantis guitars. Read on to learn more about these unique instruments!

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Atlantis Guitar




The Atlantis Guitar is a high performance, professional guitar, available in both a regular Electro-Acoustic model and HexFX Edition as seen above. They both feature their exclusive, patented LightWave Analog Optical Pickup System. Constructed of premium tonewoods with a chambered body and slash soundhole, the natural acoustic resonance of this instrument and its tonal versatility can compliment any genre of music.

Saber VL Bass



The Saber VL with the our exclusive, patented LightWave Analog Optical Pickup System features a Swamp Ash body with resonant chambers to enhance the tone, as vibration is key to coaxing the most sound from the wood. The VL includes a beautiful Flamed Maple top, black basswood composite fingerboards and comes in a variety of stunning, transparent finishes. If you’re considering a fretless bass, the VL is renowned for its highly convincing upright bass tone and immediate response. The Fretless model comes with a slash sound hole.

Saber SL Bass



The Saber SL model features a solid alder body, three-piece maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. The Saber SL’s high performance design makes it ideal for gigging, the sonic demands of digital recording, or long hours of playing and practicing. And since the LightWave Optical Pickup System does not rely on body mass for its extended bass response and long sustain, the Saber SL is exceptionally light in weight and designed with a natural, familiar feel. The SLs come in three stunning, opaque finishes. If you’re considering a fretless, the SL Fretless delivers exceptional ‘mwah’ and ‘growl’ due to the response of the LightWave Optical Pickup System. The SL model is also available as a HexFX Edition with a 13-pin individual string output that allows you to interface with MIDI compatible controllers enabling an endless amount of tonal possibilities.

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Willcox Basses! // Willcox Guitars!



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