We’re happy to now have these awesome little pedals from in stock from Beetronics! Hand-made in California, these pedals feature an aged finish that will surely stand-out on your pedal-board. Beetronics makes both a standard and custom series which share the same circuitry and sound, but with the custom series offering special eye-grabbing one-off finishes! All pedals are handmade and there are no two exactly alike, including the standard series. You can even select different circuits, colors, knobs, jewel lens colors, striping and other preferences through custom orders! Contact us now to start building yours! Call or email us at 516-626-9292 //!


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Whoctahell Low Octave Fuzz Custom Series




Whoctahell Low Octave Fuzz Custom Series




Octahive Octave Fuzz Standard Series



Whoctahell Low Octave Fuzz Standard Series



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