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Kuun Guitars are unique, handcrafted instruments built by Murray Kuun in Johannesburg, South Africa - and many of his tonewoods are locally sourced. His first love of violin-making got him into the instrument building game in the 1990s. He decided to pivot to guitar building, since there is a lot more artistic freedom available - as opposed to just different "sized" violins. 

Murray Kuun has developed an impressive array of 100% unique guitar designs, from solid body electrics, to jazz archtops, to flat top acoustics and nylon string guitars. He prides himself on the originality of his designs, and it doesn't take a magnifying glass to see that he delivers just that.

Kuun Guitars are also customize-able and available for special ordering! And if you're a guitarist looking to get into violin, or folk instruments, Murray still builds violins, mandolins, and ukuleles!

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