The ESP Guitars booth at NAMM 2010 was packed as usual, and we liked what we saw.  We’re going to be stepping it up with ESP this year, stocking more catalog models and ordering awesome customs.  There were a few new models we want to show you, and also we are putting up a gallery of all the custom guitars with their signature over the top artwork that were on display.  Everything is for sale, so if you see something you like we can help you to find out pricing on the one-offs.  See it all after the jump.

The new EC-256 in Aged Vintage Gold (above) looked great.  Another attention getter was this very clean EC-1000 in Silver Sunburst:

This MW-DEMON was new:

There were a ton of customs on display, and we are bringing some of them to the store.  One that will be on it’s way is this Eclipse Custom with a killer top and a Black Cherry finish:

This Alexi Laiho in Black Diamond Pearl is coming to us:

And this wicked Camo Custom could only blend in on another planet, and is coming to The Zoo:

To see the rest of the awesome custom ESP guitars that were in the booth, check out the gallery below.  The Angel guitar was out of control, and apparently very few workers in the booth were even willing to touch it to set up the display; it’s a work of art.  It’s all for sale so if you want a price, let us know.

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