Line 6 Powercab

The newest exciting addition to the Line 6 lineup is the new Line 6 Powercab 112, and Powercab 112 Plus. These revolutionary active speaker systems are a perfect match for your amp or effects modeler.

In true Line 6 style - the Powercab 112 is a "modeling guitar cab". You can select either a "flat" mode, with little tonal coloration, or choose from 6 different speaker models that don't take much guessing to figure out what they are inspired by. It's like having 7 speakers in 1 guitar cab! The cabinets push 250 watts, and the Powercab Plus boasts a plethora of extra features, including L6 Link connectivity, 128 presets, a built in audio interface, impulse response support, and MIDI I/O.

The cab still features traditional appearances, and a set of useful tilt back legs. A perfect tool for a small to medium sized gig, and a great match for any amp modeler.

Check out the video at the bottom of the page for more!

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