Brace yourselves for more interesting axes from the fellas at Legator. For 2017, they’re bringing us more multi-scales, more colors, and signature models! March , we will receive container of new 100-200 and 300 series models.  In addition to new guitars, some improvements have been made to existing models. All NINJA headstock shapes are newly improved with more balance string alignment from nut to tuner. String path is straight, limiting any tension or stress. All Fret wires are now at 185HV.; this is near same tensile strength as Stainless Steel. Scroll below to see what models you can expect to see this year! Be sure to get in contact with us to pre-order any of these instruments!

Call or email us to pre-order at 516-626-9292 //

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New 2017 Models 

Josh Travis Sig N7-300 with 28.5″ scale

Josh Travis Sig N8-300 with 30″ scale

Josh  Travis Sig N9-300 with 30″ scale

Jon Donais Sig NR-300 with 24 fret , maple Fingerboard

Joe Cocchi Sig NR7-350 with new Trans White QM 

Mike Gianneli Sig NRF9-300 






Josh Travis Sig N7-300 with 28.5″ scale


Sig R

USA custom 300CS series

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