Suhr Guitars was kind enough to send over some drool-worthy new pictures of the upcoming LE2010 Set Neck Modern.  This is Suhr’s first set-neck guitar, and the initial run in Faded Trans Wine Red Burst will be limited to 125 pieces, although they’ve told us that we can custom order other colors as well.  Suhr’s description and all the photos after the jump.


Suhr Guitars continues to push the envelope of modern electric guitar design with the introduction of the 2010 Limited Edition and this isn’t just another version of the Modern. It is a whole new direction for Suhr with set-neck construction for a whole new sound and feel as well as amazing looks.

Meticulously designed and engineered by John Suhr from the ground up to provide maximum resonance and neck-body joint stability, the 2010 LE imparts noticeably different tonal characteristics and tactile response from its bolt-on counterparts.

We are excited to offer this new design to discriminating players and collectors of fine instruments. Only 125 of these exquisite instruments will be built in 2010 as we embark on a long-term plan to offer a wide variety of set-neck instruments in the future. The set-neck guitar simply feels and sounds different than the bolt-on with its own unique characteristics and properties. You will feel and hear the difference immediately.

It’s not necessarily “better” than a bolt-on but different in a good way. As the first set-neck model from Suhr, the 2010 LE promises to become a valuable collector’s piece as well as an incredible musical instrument to be played and enjoyed for generations to come.

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