As the brainchild of both legendary amp builder Mike Fortin and Metal-guitar player extraordinaire Ola Englund, the Randall SATAN is as viscous as High-Gain Amplifiers come! As guitarist for the bands Feared and The Haunted, Ola Englund is no stranger to high gain, and knows a thing or two about amps (check his youtube channel). Furthermore, the Randall Satan is the product of two experts of metal sound and design, and boy can it get HEAVY!

The SATAN is a dual channel design lets you conjure just the right sounds for any heavy style. Channel One features special “6irth” and “6rind” controls that let you dial in both low and high frequency gain levels for brutal low-end chunk and screaming leads. The Sweep control sets the frequency cutoffs for the tone stack. The Kill switch adds a boots for even more gain. Channel Two is straightforward, with a “6ain” knob and a three-band EQ. Master Depth and Presence controls allow for easy tailoring of your preset sounds for any venue or recording session. The XLR output has a cabinet simulator in line for easy recording, while the 1/4″ direct out takes the signal straight from the amplifier for easy slaving as well as recording. The effects loop is a dual design series/parallel loop that keeps your original tone intact.

This advanced amplifier is available right here on our site! If you have any questions about this amp or any of our other gear, feel free to contact us at or call 516-626-9292!


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