Orange Interface Pedal

Our friends at Orange Amplifiers have just launched the OMEC Teleport! It's unique and must-own device for the traveling musician!

You may remember the Orange OMEC amp of the mid ' of the first digital modeling amps. It had its...charm, but wasn't exactly a design that took off. Now Orange is bringing back that name in the OMEC Teleport.

The OMEC Teleport is a portable, universal audio interface, housed in a box the size of a mini pedal! It has a number of uses, all based upon it's ability to convert analog signals to digital and back again. You can use it to record your guitar (or any instrument) on your computer or mobile device, or use to to convert your digital music library back to analog, so higher quality audio is sent to a mixer or PA - great for the DJ or bluetooth connected musician.

Since there are no drivers to use, and no software restrictions, the OMEC can be used with any rig with ease! It's loaded with super high quality AD/DA converters, mono to stereo connections with buffered bypass, and it even includes AmpliTube CS software to get you tone-venture started!

Check out the video below for more info! Want to reserve one? Contact our sales team today to pre-order yours!

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Check out the old Orange OMEC guitar amp in action!


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