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Words & Photographs by Walter Bryant


If meticulous attention to detail and medieval armor design is your thing, then you’ll love the ESP Custom Shop guitar. A representation of the designing capabilities of the artists at ESP Custom Shop, the ESP Armor guitar is the product of time, patience, and creativity at it’s best. Making it’s debut at NAMM nearly a decade ago, this ultra-rare guitar hosts a wealth of head-turning details, from it’s integrated push-button pickup switching, to it’s leather straps hugging it’s distinctive horns. Complimenting it’s aggressive appearance, a growly Seymour Duncan Parallel Axis (bridge) and Seymour Duncan Rail Pickup (neck) bring this axe to life, and are attached to an ornately designed fence-like shield. Specs include a 24 3/4″ neck,  1 5/8″ at the nut, and a inlay-less ebony fingerboard. Have a look at the collection of photos we put together for this guitar below, showcasing every angle of this work of art from ESP Custom!

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Leather belts wrap the horns, supporting the guitar’s theme very well


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An elaborate fence-style shield rests a-top the body, raising and lowering with the pickups


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Push-button switching adds to the list of unique features on this guitar


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Look closely, and you’ll see the “ESP” logo within the design of the headstock


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