On this edition of Out of the Case, we're taking a look at this super cool Masterbuilt Gretsch Chet Atkins G6120DSW Relic Hollowbody. This guitar was part of a limited-run of about 40 guitars, imagined by Gretsch's own Joe Carducci . He commissioned several SoCal artists to add their own custom flare to a Stephen Stern Masterbuilt Gretsch - and the results are righteous, radical, and tubular! They were released at NAMM in 2010 and became instant collectors pieces, and not only guitar collectors - art collectors as well!

This particular instrument was painted by "JimmyC" a talented artist who heads up JimmyC Kustom ArtIt features a unique curvy pinstripe painted top and his signature "Rat Fink" graphic on the back, as well as some cool rocket ship motifs on the headstock. Plus, the rat is saying what we're all thinking - Gretsch Rules! JimmyC even hand-painted the case!

But not only is this guitar a beautiful work of art, perfect for the collector, it's also a Stephen Stern Masterbuild! It's based on the G6120DSW-R, a relic'd Chet Atkins hollowbody. This bad-boy looks and feels straight out of the late '50s! You get the cool color-mismatched hardware - nickel Bigsby and gold tuners, and the aged pickup screws are especially eye-catching.

Check out the photo gallery below for this piece, it deserves and commands your attention!

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