We’ve been enjoying Jim Campilongo‘s no-cover gigs every Monday night in the Lower East Side’s Living Room for years, and have been awestruck by his playing and searing Telecaster tone.  Jim often plays an original and well-worn ’50s Tele locally, and it’s a treat to hear a true master play the crap out of that thing right in front of you.  It’s enough to make you forget about the warm, flat pint they charge $7 for there.  (Sorry, Living Room, it’s true.)

In our opinion if there is any Telecaster player around who deserves a signature model, it’s Jim, and the Fender Custom Shop is about to deliver what we think will be an amazing instrument, and very limited edition.  Jim’s Signature ’59 Telecaster is a top-loader, meaning the strings don’t go through the body; the ball ends are right there on the bridge.  This setup provides huge sustain.  The pickup is overwound, the neck carve is per Jim’s specification, and the body is extra lightweight ash finished in Aged Vintage Blonde.  It’s a no-bullshit tone machine.  We can’t wait to get our hands on one.

MAP price is $4500.00, and it’s very limited edition.  Want to pre-order or leave a deposit?  Let us know.

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