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You’ve seen him holding it down with the legendary Roots crew since 2002, both on the stage and in on the screen.  “Captain” Kirk Douglas is the funky tone-obsessed guitarist who locks into the groove with Questlove and the guys every night on Jimmy Fallon, and Gibson has recognized his voice in the guitar world by creating a very cool signature model bearing his name.  Let’s just hope he doesn’t loan this one to Prince.

So what’s different about this SG?  Well it’s a guitar that’s perfect for players “who like to tweak”, according to the Captain.  It’s a 3 pickup SG, and in addition to the coil tapped bridge and neck pickups, the coolest feature (in our opinion) is the toggle switch.  It goes beyond just switching between the 3 pickups, it can actually be twisted like a knob to blend in the level of the middle pickup.  This provides a broad palette of unique tones to work with that simply weren’t there before.  Check out the video above for a demonstration.

captain kirk SG

These guitars are on their way to The Music Zoo with a MAP price of $1,499.00.  Want one?  Let us know!

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