A big thanks goes out to everyone who joined us last night at the 2017 Fender Custom Shop Road Show! The Fender Custom Shop team and yours truly at the Zoo both saw plenty of familiar faces and if it was your first Road Show, we hope you enjoyed it!

We got to hear from Masterbuilder John Cruz about his history at Fender, his favorite guitars, and his opinions on relic techniques. (Spoiler: he loves Journeyman Relics)! We were also treated to a behind-the-scenes look at how the Custom Shop operates. Congrats to our giveaway winners as well, a Fender Postmodern Strat found a new home last night!

John Cruz came to Fender in 1987, joined the Custom Shop in 1993 and became a Master Builder in 2003. He is the man behind several famous and collectible Custom Shop guitars, including the replica of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s famous “Number One” Stratocaster, the Jeff Beck Esquire Relic, the replica of Yngwie Malmsteen’s famous “Duck” Stratocaster, the John Mayer Black 1 Stratocaster, and many others.

The Fender Custom Shop sales team also handed out a bunch of Custom Shop Design Guides, full of drool-worthy instruments, and a very handy tool (the best to date) for helping you build your dream Fender guitar. If you didn't get one of these and want a hard copy, feel free to contact our sales team and we'll help you out!

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Feel free to call or email our sales staff at 516-626-9292 // sales@themusiczoo.com

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