Seymour Duncan has just unveiled their newest effect pedal - dubbed the Fooz! It's an analog synthesizer, a fuzz, a wah, and a tremolo all packed into one funky box.

The Fooz goes beyond just a normal synth pedal, and even beyond a normal synth wah or bass wah. It uses a traditional analog synth signal path - your guitar signal or bass is converted into a square-wave style fuzz tone, which is used as the "oscillator". It is then passed through a filter section, where your wah tones live, and also an LFO section, where you can build a tremolo sound. It also features tap tempo and an internal DIP switch for further tweaking. The Fooz takes authentic analog synth tones and programming to the next level.

Plus, you can reverse the roles and use it as a fuzz for your analog or modular synth!

Head to our website now to make one yours!

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Seymour Duncan Fooz

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