Seymour Duncan has announced the all-new Dave Mustaine signature Thrash Factor humbucker! This passive humbucker (or humbucker set) is based on Dave's favorite pickup configuration - the JB and '59. During the 90s and especially Megadeath's Rust in Peace era - said pickup combo was a staple in Dave's live and recorded sound. He also swore that his JB sounded a bit different than some of the other "off-the-shelf" examples.

Thus, the Thrash Factor was born! It's a JB with more bite and attitude - it boasts a tighter low end, slightly scooped mid range, and more aggressive high end. If you opt for the set, the neck pickup is a '59 humbucker with matching "matte" finish. But both pickups can be ordered in your choice of custom colors and configurations!

Pre-order yours today by contacting our sales team!

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