Fender Flea Active Jazz Bass

Summer NAMM 2018: Fender has unveiled the brand new Flea Jazz Bass Active and Albert Hammond Jr Stratocaster signature models on day 1 of Summer NAMM!

The new Flea Jazz Bass Active is a follow-up to the popular Flea Jazz Bass from 2016. This one is designed in an "active" form factor, and sports a single active Fender bridge humbucker and a quality Aguilar OBP-1 18v preamp, just like the bass Flea currently uses on stage. It will be available in Shell Pink and Inca Silver.

Albert Hammond Jr Stratocaster

Albert Hammond Jr of The Strokes is next in line for a Fender Artist model! This Stratocaster is based on a '72 reissue and boasts a unique pickup switching system: the first and third positions are flipped, and the 4th position blends the neck and bridge instead of the neck and middle. It also boasts an oversized '70s headstock, jumbo frets, and a Modern C shape maple neck. This one is sheathed in a Vintage White finish.

These are expected to hit the streets in October - contact us today to reserve one for yourself!


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