Fender Effects Pedals

Summer NAMM 2018: Fender has added the new Engager Boost, The Pelt, and Full Moon Distortion to their new-for-2018 effect pedals lineup - boutique tone and appearances without the price tag! Check out all of our Fender effects pedals on our website by clicking the button below, or contact us today to reserve one of these new offerings for yourself!


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Engager Boost

Fender Engager Boost

You guessed it - an FET driven clean boost pedal! It provides up to 20 dB of boost, and a 3 band tone-shaping EQ not often found on boost pedals, as well as a parametric style mid frequency control. Great for boosting a tube preamp as well! It also offers either true or buffered bypass.


The Pelt

Fender Pelt Fuzz

The Pelt is a juicy and rich fuzz pedal with some excellent tone shaping options, including a mid boost and cut, bloom and thick controls, or just crank up the fuzz knob to go all out! This silicon fuzz pedal is sure to find a spot on your pedal board.


Full Moon Distortion

Fender Full Moon Distortion

The new Full Moon Distortion may have you barking at the moon once you stomp on it! This glorious high gain pedal packs a punch and under the hood, it boasts plenty of brooding tone-shaping features. A Texture switch lets you chose between symmetrical or asymmetrical clipping, the Bite switch shifts your upper mid range harmonics, and the 3 band EQ and high treble filter let you dial this one in just how you like it.

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