Vox Superbeetle 25

Summer NAMM 2018: Legendary British amp-makers Vox have announced a pair of new amplifiers just in time for summer - including a new single channel AC30S1, and a cool Mini Superbeetle 25! We have both coming to The Music Zoo!

The AC30S1 is the often requested single channel version of the classic Top Boost AC30. With a simple circuit, this AC30 provides even more dynamics and touch sensitivity, and is loaded with studio quality reverb, a specially voiced 12" Celestion speaker, and an external speaker output if you want to push some more air with a cabinet!

The new Vox Mini Superbeetle 25 inherits an iconic '60s look, but under the hood is the all-new analog NuTube circuity which provides authentic tube tone without the fuss! It pushes up to 50 watts at 4 ohms and pumps out classic British tones through an open back cabinet loaded with a 10" Celestion speaker. It also features reverb and tremolo and a line out for recording and practice!

Contact us today to make one yours and crank it up!


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Vox AC30S1

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