Whether you’re in your basement jamming, or a band on the road, the Ditto X2 Looper pedal is a great way to embellish your guitar performance. A sporty version of the Ditto, The Ditto X2 offers some great features for guitar players looking to get everything they can out of a looper. Among these features are a dedicated stop-button, stereo operation, Loop FX (reverse and ½ speed) and backing track capabilities in collaboration with JamTrackCentral. The TC Ditto X2 maintains 5 minutes of loop time using high quality, uncompressed 24-bit audio, true bypass and analog-dry through.Watch the video above to hear a variety of ways this pedal can be used!

Below you’ll find an additional trick that can be done to achieve some cool ambient and evolving effects with the Ditto X2 Looper. Watch the demo below to hear the elongated repeats and ambient swells achieved using this pedal and your guitar’s volume knob!

The Ditto X2 is available now on our site! Click here!


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