Ten Music Zoo Exclusive Guitars

The Music Zoo is your destination for the greatest guitars and gear on earth, and among it all, you’ll also find exclusive guitars that you won’t see anywhere else! The Fender Custom Shop ZF series and Charvel Nitro Aged models are just a few of the custom guitars only available at The Zoo! Scroll below to see the range of exclusive guitars we carry, and join the VIP experience! We’ve got something for everyone!


Fender Custom Shop ZF Series



There’s no denying the allure of the classic Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster. They’ve got timeless design and feel as comfortable as your favorite old pair of jeans. But sometimes, we find ourselves just wanting a bit more aggressive performance. The Music Zoo is proud to announce our latest custom run endeavor with the Fender Custom Shop, which we are calling the ZF Series. Why ZF? Well, you’ll only find these at the Zoo, and each of these high performance guitars will feature a Floyd Rose tremolo for the ultimate control over vibrato and tuning. These Teambuilt guitars will be arriving in a variety of colors and configurations, with the emphasis on hot pickups and all out performance. We’re happy to be offering these guitars at a price point far below the typical Masterbuilt price tag, which previously would have been the only route to get a Custom Shop guitar this highly customized.

The ZF Series guitars are loaded with our favorite features including nitro cellulose lacquer finishes, modern fingerboard radiuses, coil tapped, higher-output Seymour Duncan pickups in a variety of configurations, and of course the legendary Floyd Rose tremolo. Also, custom orders are open, so if you are dreaming of a custom neck shape, color, aging package, or pickup configuration, just let us know. Long live the Floyd!

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Fender Custom Shop Hardtop Stratocaster



The Exclusive Hardtop Stratocaster guitar is the result of a collaboration between The Music Zoo and Fender Custom Shop. We envisioned an instrument that acknowledged the Fender Stratocaster as being the original inspiration for all of the Strat-type guitars that broke the mold by having humbucker pickups and other modifications that earned them the moniker, “Super Strats.”So, the Hardtop is the Zoo’s own take on the Super Strat concept, as made by the source! They’re distinguished by having very vintage-like Bare Knuckle Mule humbucker pickups, and the guitars are available in one- or two-pickup models. You’ll also notice that these guitars are built without pickguards, hence the name Hardtop; all electronics are rear-loaded through the instrument’s back. A heavy-duty three-way toggle switch is used as the pickup selector. The Hardtop’s body is lightweight ash, and the one-piece maple neck has a rounded “V” profile and an Indian rosewood fretboard. There’s definitely a minimal aesthetic at work here, and you can see this by the headstock’s bare-bones NoCaster-like Fender decal. Still, when it comes down to actually playing the Hardtop, you’ll hear how using hand-selected quality woods along with the right components and craftsmanship truly make a difference. The guitar resonates effortlessly unplugged while responding with rich overtones and nuances.

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Jackson Custom Shop SL2H-V



At the Music Zoo we like to think that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” However, we also like to say “if it works, let’s make it even better.” Owner Tommy Colletti had several meetings at the Jackson Custom Shop with Jackson mastermind Mike Shannon, the man responsible for some of the most famous Jackson guitars of all time (including Randy Rhoads’ personal Jackson V’s) and discussed how we could take the looks and playability of the classic SL2H even further. We looked at the most-requested player changes to custom orders of the SL2H and have now created the SL2H-V, V for “Vintage.”

The brand-new Music Zoo-exclusive SL2H-V has moved the knobs and toggle switch 1″ closer to the bridge, giving you way more space for your picking hand to move around without bumping into any controls. It also has a non-recessed Floyd Rose tremolo, giving the guitar both a vintage look as well as giving the body more mass for sustain without having a chunk of wood taken out of the body. The guitar is loaded with an EVH low-friction volume pot, brass control knobs and end pins, and a smaller-sized headstock with a vintage Jackson logo that is identical to the headstock found on the original Rhoads Concorde.

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Jackson Custom Shop Randy Rhoads RR 1.5



This short-wing, all maple guitar is the creation of Music Zoo owner Tommy Colletti and Jackson Masterbuilder Mike Shannon. Replicating the 25th Anniversary Rhoads identically is off-limits, so Tommy and Mike made a few subtle “Randy-style” changes to the model to create the 1.5. This custom order features a cream finish, block inlays, Duncan Distortion & Jazz humbuckers, and gold hardware, reminiscent of a certain Custom Randy’s been known to play.

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Charvel® San Dimas® Carbonized/Natural Series



This Natural Series Charvel cuts away all of the non-essentials and leaves you with only the features that you need! The carbonized recycled Redwood body was harvested from an old railroad trestle in California for a true-to-life extreme aging process. The wood provides crystal clear tone no matter your playing style. The neck is constructed from carbonized Curly Red Maple for rock solid stability. A Natural Oil neck finish gives the neck an unbelievably slick feel. The dual Seymour Duncan humbuckers provide plenty of firepower, and the locking Floyd Rose tremolo ensures you’re always in tune.

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Charvel Custom San Dimas Mahogany Metal Mod 6



This Charvel Custom guitar is absolutely built for metal. Most notably it comes with two Bare Knuckle Warpig humbucker pickups with black Battle-Worn covers. These pickups were designed to be an “All-out extreme metal humbucker capable of seriously dark and saturated tones” as Bare Knuckle describes. There’s a distinct emphasis on bass and mids, and less highs. The guitar is very much a mahogany-bodied San Dimas with the distinction of having a maple neck, gorgeous ebony fretboard and 22 jumbo, stainless steel frets. Perhaps simple in design and aesthetic, this is a sophisticated guitar capable of a wide musical pallete involving high-performance guitar playing–from jazz to fusion to metal.


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Charvel Custom Shop San Dimas Flat Top Flame Maple Top


The Charvel Flat Top takes the traditional San Dimas shape to the next level, featuring a Mahogany body with a gorgeous Flame Maple top. The striking Cherry Drop burst finish is framed by white body binding and complemented by a deep red dye finish on the back. The bolt-on Maple neck is topped with a gorgeous piece of Cocobolo that’s inlaid with subtle Mother-Of-Pearl dots. The through-body stringing and Tune-O-Matic style bridge promise great sustain, while the dual Bare Knuckle humbuckers provide all the hard rock and heavy metal tone players demand.


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Charvel Custom Shop Nitro Aged San Dimas



When Music Zoo owner Tommy Colletti sat down with the Charvel Custom Shop to design the “Ultimate” San Dimas that would blend both old and new features into one amazing instrument, he probably didn’t imagine that it would turn out this well! The neck is based on a 3D-scanned model from Tommy’s beloved 1980 San Dimas for a naturally played-in feel in a new neck, with rolled shoulders for extra comfort. The brass side dots and Walnut position markers look gorgeous against the light Maple neck. What really makes this guitar special, however, is the aged Nitrocellulose Lacquer finish. Classic San Dimases (like Tommy’s 1980 model) were finished in a durable polyurethane gloss for resilience. But the Black Pearl Nitro on this guitar has been specially aged for a well-loved and well-worn look that perfectly matches the comfortable neck. The dual DiMarzio humbuckers and three-way switch give you access to tons of hard rock and heavy metal tones, and the single Volume control lets you pull back for rhythm or crank up for lead!


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Gibson Custom Shop Single Pickup Les Paul



One morning recently we were having coffee with our good friend Gary Blankenburg, a man who has probably forgotten more about guitars than most will ever know, and the topic of discussion was the Les Paul Junior. We agreed that it may be the ultimate rock and roll tone machine; the lean, single-pickup configuration just begs for it to be played wide open. Then Gary said, “Hey, you know what would be cool? A flametop burst with one pickup. Just one pickup and ‘Go.’” It was hard to argue with that logic, so we called up Gibson Custom Shop to discuss, and the Limited Run Single-Pickup ’58 Les Paul Figured Top was born.

These guitars are built to the same specs as Historic Reissues with a few minor changes, including a lightly figured top, wraparound tailpiece, and short neck tenon. With one pickup and half the control knobs, more of the beautiful figured maple top is seen. Also, the absence of a neck pickup makes these great strumming guitars with plenty of room around the strings. The single pickup Les Paul isn’t the one trick pony you may think it is—the tone and volume knobs give you plenty of control, so you are not limited to one sound. Adjusting either in the slightest way can make a huge tonal difference, from searing distortion to a nice, gritty rhythm sound.

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Lipe Virtuoso 8 String Fanned Fret



 Built exclusively for The Music Zoo by custom-guitar luthier Mike Lipe, this 8-string “Virtuoso” features a fully-fanned scale length for a perfect balance of tight, thunderous lows with fast-playing in the treble range. The Roasted Quartersawn Maple neck is topped with a matching Roasted Curly Maple fretboard and bolted to a Roasted Mahogany body. The Natural finish really lets the gorgeous figuring of the Buckeye Burl top shine through. The slanted Bare Knuckle Juggernaut pickups combine a ceramic magnet’s tight bass and mids with the warmth of an Alnico, with excellent high-end articulation. The Novax hardtail bridge is a string-through-body design that coupled with the locking Hipshot tuners provide superb tuning reliability. A recessed neck plate allows for good comfort as well. For experienced devotees and players new to the 8 string game, this Virtuoso is a perfect fit.

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