Here’s one for the Floyd Rose players…we’ve all had those moments where we’ve broken a string on stage or during band practice, and suddenly we find ourselves rummaging for what seems like an eternity for the ever elusive Allen key. Well, Floyd Rose has taken heed to our dilemma, and introduced a tremolo bar with an Allen key built right in! A truly ingenious idea in it’s own right, this innovation will surely save us some time during string changes. The Turbo Trem has been around for a some time now, but we thought we’d share for those who don’t know about this precious gem.

from Floydrose.com-

…with the newly patented TurboTrem, the search will be over once and for all—this easily adaptable, sturdy, American made whammy bar features a 3mm allen end. In addition to this obvious upgrade, the bar also has a superior feel, delivering better response on dives, pull-ups, and vibrato than your average whammy bar.

 Comes with the new style arm coupling kit— if you already have the standard tremolo arm on your Floyd Rose, you can just swap the arm!

If interested in ordering this part, feel free to email us at sales@themusiczoo.com or call 516-626-9292!

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