The world of guitar has definitely evolved over the past few decades, giving life to a number of innovations that has pushed the foundation of the guitar into the new age of technology. These innovations have spawned models like the Variax from Line 6, and the MIDI controller guitars from Roland. Well, the Jamstik is the newest addition to this list. The Jamstik is a MIDI guitar controller that works with apple devices (iPad, iPhone, Mac). Working in the same fashion as a conventional MIDI controller, it interacts with the device or computer as a controller for any sound you want. But what sets the Jamstik apart from a lot of it’s competitors is it’s portable design, mimicking the first 5 frets of a standard guitar. But what does this all mean for the world of guitar? Should we be excited about such a convenient and expressive product, or should fear it’s influence on the music industry? I think we all dread the day we see live guitar being played on a plastic stick…Or maybe we’re just overthinking this? Either way, read on and watch the video below to get the full scoop on this new product!

from Jamstik.com-

The jamstik is a MIDI guitar controller designed to interface with the iPad, iPhone, and Mac. Jamstik gives you the ability to use all of the nuances of guitar playing to control your favorite music creation iOS apps or Mac software. At just 16 inches long, our portable & lightweight MIDI guitar is perfectly designed to fit your mobile lifestyle.

Real Strings. Real Frets. Real Playing.

A guitar controller should feel and perform like a guitar. That’s why the jamstik has real strings and frets – to capture your unique style and expression. So go ahead and apply vibrato or bend that string for the maximum emotional impact. How about some fingerpicking? Jamstik gives you the ability.

Cutting Edge Technology

Jamstik is a new idea in guitar controllers because it uses infrared light to “see” what your hands are doing in real time. Unlike other MIDI guitar solutions that rely on audio analysis and conversion to MIDI, the jamstik scans the fretboard so that it can detect what your fretting hand is up to before your picking hand ever hits a string. Because the jamstik “sees” activity in real time, it’s an extremely fast MIDI controller.

Look, Ma, No Wires!

The jamstik connects to your iPad, iPhone, and/or Mac wirelessly without the need for special cables
or dongles. No host
network is necessary. Nothing is worse than an idea or performance lost to a missing or faulty cable/dongle/doo-dad. At just over 16 inches, the jamstik is as convenient to bring with you as your iPhone or iPad. Unleashing your ideas shouldn’t require a van full of gear anymore. Now, you can track, write or jam on the fly anywhere.

Anywhere your iPad or iPhone goes…

…The jamstik can go, too! Whether you’re in a plane, a train, an automobile or your home recording studio, your jamstik can establish a connection to your iPad. So, on your next plane ride, how about you get to work on your next hit single instead of looking at fancy alarm clocks in SkyMall?

Turn Your iPad Into a Real Musical Instrument.

Aside from all of the apps designed exclusively for the jamstik, there are literally hundreds of sound and music making apps available for the iPad, iPhone and Mac. The jamstik puts these apps under tactile musical control. Play the sounds of synthesizers, recording apps and DAWs using real guitar technique. So go on, give those flat apps some 6-string love!

Six Strings. Five Frets. Infinite possibilities.

At its core, the jamstik is a MIDI controller; not unlike the convenient variety of offerings our keyboard-playing brethren have had access to for years. Similar to a 25-key MIDI keyboard, the jamstik can appear limited in note range. However, the performance D-pad on the jamstik actually gives access to more than twice the note range of a traditional 21-fret guitar. Even with its small footprint, the jamstik can cover a wide range of notes.

Simple, Easy & Intuitive Design at Work.

The jamstik is designed to be hassle-free. The real guitar strings never need tuning. The rechargeable battery will outlast your ability to play for the day. The WiFi connection is one-step and go. Where MIDI used to be complicated for guitar players, the jamstik makes it an easy entry point to get started without a major investment or a complicated installation onto your prized guitar.

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