Slash Brazilian Dream

It's a good day at The Music Zoo when the invitation comes to hang out with none other than Rock legend Slash! On October 9th, Music Zoo founder and owner Tommy Colletti drove over to the Paramount in Huntington with a couple choice guitars in hand to hang out and talk gear with Slash, his guitar tech Adam Day, and Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators.

"I was lucky to spend time pre-show and sound check with Adam Day , Slash and Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. Adam was nice enough to go through each of Slash's guitars including his rack. Among the favorite guitars was the all new 'Brazilian Dream' which sounded fantastic through his rig. Slash spent time 'gushing' about the guitar and his process for selection at the Gibson Custom Shop, but was convinced that the tone was a stand out and played the guitar for several songs through the night. Another special guitar in the rack was a late '80s gold top reissue sourced by none other than The Music Zoo ,which Slash has been playing on tour with Guns and Roses this past summer as well as the Conspirators tour. 

The band worked through roughly 8 songs during sound check. The material was fantastic and Slash's sound and playing couldn't have been better. In fact, during sound check the band was working on a ballad that was possibly some of Slash's most beautiful and memorable melodies to date  (rivaling Sweet Child O' Mine). I mentioned "the ballad" to Adam afterwards,  he said, "the song will be on the next album." It was simply wonderful and clearly a crew favorite as well. - Tommy Colletti


Check out some behind the scenes pictures of Slash's rig and guitar lineup for the tour. A very cool shot is Slash playing Tommys original 1959 James Honeyman Scott-owned Les Paul Custom, the template for his own Collectors Choice #22! Thank you very much to Adam and Slash for the memorable day!

The Slash Brazilian Dream Les Paul is indeed a very special guitar. Each and every one The Music Zoo has for sale sounds and feels fantastic. Within each set is a hat with Slashs iconic logo screenprinted on it, and he was happy to personally autograph the hats at the show - giving you a very special set to go with the signed Les Paul.

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 Tommy Colletti and Slash

Slash with Tommys 59 Les Paul Custom

Slash Sound Checking

Slash Guitar Boat

Slash Amp Rig

Slashs Rack Rig

Slash Set List


Slash with Brazilian Dream Les Paul

Slash At The Paramount Myles Kennedy

Photos by Tommy Colletti and Pete Gerontakos

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