Horizon Devices is the brainchild of Periphery's Misha Mansoor - and their first pedal, the Precision Drive, is a "community-driven" pedal - relying on valuable input and opinions from thousands of peers in the heavy music community. Partnered with MXR, the Horizon Devices Precision Drive is designed to be the ultimate stage and studio tool for any modern musician - you don't have to djent to operate this machine!

The Precision Drive packs a feature-laden circuit into a normal sized small footprint box. The volume control provides a ton of extra headroom - 6 on the Precision Drive is equal to a fully cranked volume knob on most others. The attack and cut knobs help you tweak your articulation, punch, and where you cut in the mix. The drive control not only provides liquid high gain leads and tight chunky rhythms, but at lower settings it's a great way to fatten up those cleans and give them a little extra attitude. The Precision Drive also features a built-in noise gate, and it's designed to interact well with not only tube and solid state amps, but software instruments and digital/analog modeling rigs as well.

We're excited to see what Horizon Devices has in store for the future!

Check out the Horizon Drive on our website here, or contact our sales team today to make it yours!

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