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The Music Zoo is proud to be an authorized dealer for Kramer Guitars. We have a spiritual connection with Kramer guitars that was born in the 1980s, as hair bands sporting wild, pointy, (and sometimes banana inspired) guitars captured our imagination. Those original Kramer guitars became icons, played by the shredmasters of the day. Today, Kramer guitars are still being re-imagined, yet their '80s legacy is still intact!
You can still grab a classic Baretta, Striker, or Pacer, or check out the new singlecut Assault, the angular Pariah, or the '80s inspired SM-1 or '84 model! All of these guitars are a perfect fit for everything from your '80s cover band to modern metal!
Check out the Kramer guitars on our website here! See something we don't have that you want? Don't hesitate to contact our sales team to inquire about availability!
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