Kruse Kontrol Quanah Head

The Music Zoo is proud to be an authorized Kruse Kontrol Amplification dealer, and an exclusive dealer for the ground-breaking and earth shattering Quanah 100 watt head and matching cabinets. The Quanah head is a collaboration between amp designer Jens Kruse and actor/musician Matt Schulze (Blade, The Fast and The Furious, The Transporter)

Do you live your life a quarter mile at a time? Don't mess around with just any old amp, go full throttle with the Kruse Kontrol Quanah!

Matt Schulze Quanah Kruse Amp

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Kruse Kontrol Quanah Stack

An impressive amp designed by Fast and Furious star Matt Schulze, the Quanah is loaded with just the right amount of cutting edge features that don't interpose on the clear and 3D sound of the amp's circuit. Plus - It's one of the loudest 100 watt heads we've heard, but it can be as quiet as 5 watts with the built in variac!


Kruse Kontrol Quanah Head 1

The Quanah is an EL34 powered, 100% point-to-point hand-wired amp built with the finest components, and is switchable from 100W to 50W, 25W, 10W and 5W. It features 2 channels with 3 voicings for each channel, and 2 overdrive modes for differing amounts of compression:

Channel 1: Moon=Clean ;  Sky=Crunch ; Sun=High Gain
Channel 2: Wolf=High Gain1 ;  Viper=High Gain2 ; Lion=High Gain3
OD Modes: Eagle = modern punchy and Lynx= very smooth, stealth-like 

The amp also features a serial, loss-less effects loop, external bias test and adjustment points, and quality brass knobs.


Kruse Kontrol Quanah Cabinet

The Quanah cabinets are far from any old cabinet. The are constructed from a unique Siberian birch, which is basically what Baltic birch wishes it was (sort of how many say that Korina wood is a "super-mahogany).

The 4x12 handles 280 watts is loaded with Eminence CV-65 and CV-75 speakers, and boasts a switch that lets you select pairs for the output, or all 4 speakers.

The 130W 2x12 is loaded with 1 of each of the above speakers, with a similar switch that allows you to select either one, or both.

The 1x12 is loaded with a Celestion Redback and handles 150w. All the cabinets also feature quality hardware - from the handles, to the corners, to the jackplates.

Plus - the cabinets ship with already-broken-in speakers!


Kruse Kontrol Quanha

Kruse Kontrol Quanha Cab 2

Kruse Kontrol Quanha Cab 3



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