Lakland 44-94 Deluxe

The Music Zoo is excited to be a new authorized dealer of Lakland Bass Guitars! Lakland has been a household name for both boutique and player friend bass guitars for quite some time, and their reputation is well deserved. These instruments combine vintage appeal and comfort, with modern innovations that have been conceived and designed in-house by the folks at Lakland - innovations ranging all the way from preamps to reinforced headstocks and everything in between.

Tired of reading? Check out our first pair of new Lakland arrivals on our website ! Feel free to contact our sales team !

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Lakland 44-94 Deluxe 1

Lakland 44-94 Deluxe 2

Lakland 44-94 Deluxe 3

Lakland 44-94 Deluxe 5

Lakland 44-94 Deluxe 5

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