The Music Zoo is proud to be an authorized LSL Instruments dealer! LSL was founded in 2008 by Lance S. Lerman and his wife Lisa S. Lerman. Lance makes the kind of guitar that just sucks the music right out of you and provides you with a ton of inspiration! 

We're anxiously awaiting 2 new LSL "instruments" - new builds known as the Barn Bone. Built on the Filter'Tron loaded, T-style LSL La Perronita platform, the Barn Bone is crafted from reclaimed 80 year old pine, which was originally used to build sheep and bull corrals in Montana and North Dakota.

Not only is reclaimed pine easy on the eyes, (especially if you love wood!) it doesn't need artificial aging to look and feel old, and it's an extremely light and resonant wood. The first Fender Telecasters were built from pine and you won't find many people with negative comments about those guitars. Even though it's not the same "type" of wood as ash, some would say that pine is one of the best tonewoods you can use for a Fender style guitar, similar to how some would dub korina wood a "super-mahogany".

The LSL Barn Bone also features a cool vintage style "chopped" Tele bridge, a highly flamed maple neck, and of course, no pickguard, because who wants to hide that beautiful wood?

Like what you see? Contact our sales team to reserve yours today!

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