Nordstrand Pickups

The Music Zoo is proud to be an authorized dealer for Nordstrand Audio! We've just unpacked a great assortment of guitar and bass pickups, the brainchildren of Carey Nordstrand. Carey's foray into the world of music began at a young age, and he found himself eventually working at Suhr, Traveler Guitars, and soon creating Nordstrand (Nordy) Guitars where he crafted high end bass guitars. He quickly realized that Nordstrand pickups was the only correct progression.

A bass player at heart, bass pickups came first and evolved into the signature angled magnet examples you'll find on our website! But Nordstrand didn't stop there, and now offers a full line-up of guitar and bass pickups. And each of these is continuously refined as the company moves forward and evolves. The pickups boast secret winding formulas, and are the result of extensive testing and trial and error - so you know your getting a pickup that has received as much attention as the attention you'll give to it!

Tired of reading? Check out all of our Nordstrand pickups in stock here on our website. Or contact our sales team today to grab yours!


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