Sire Bass

The Music Zoo is excited to be an authorized dealer for Sire bass guitars. They've teamed up with legendary low-end master Marcus Miller to create a set of equally inspired and inspiring bass guitars - boasting unbeatable quality for the price!

Marcus Miller and Sire spent two and a half years developing their product line-up as both sides had a genuine interest in producing and marketing the best products they could create, with a true vision.

Now, Sire offers three bass series line-ups - the "V", the "P" and the "M" series. V series basses are built as an affordable yet quality option to the many classic-styled "J-basses" out there. The P series adds a PJ style pickup configuration, and the M series is full of new original designs created by Marcus Miller and the team at Sire.

These aren't just any import - they are Marcus Miller approved imports!

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Sire Bass



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