Sound City Master 100

You read that correctly - Sound City is back! So forget about your old L-120 that never really worked, and grab a USA made, modern and reliable Sound City - they are still packed with authenticity. Available at The Music Zoo - your Sound City authorized dealer.

The Sound City brand has been re-born by Neal Ostberg and Steven Fryette. Using original 1967-era designs with modern enhancements, these amps are sure to please any vintage purist, while still offering modern reliability and tonal flexibility. Most notably - they sound good at any volume - not just cranked!

While the current product line-up is not huge, it covers all the bases - with the Master Lead 50 and Master Model 100 watt heads, and a bold and expressive SC30 combo. Add in Fane-loaded 2x12 and 4x12 cabinet offerings, and we think it's an impressive debut.

Want to own one? Shop on our website today! Or contact our sales team with any further questions.

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